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Cat.No. Exhibition Exhibit Title Photographer
209 1853, Aberdeen, Mechanics' Institution Negative of a Portrait on Glass Wilson & Hay
28 1855, Glasgow, British Association Frame, containing Three photographs, printed by the following process, 1st.Specimen of positive process - a Fern Leaf printed from nature directly. Paper prepared by Solution of Tartrate of Uranic Oxide, and developed by Solution of Ferro-Cyanide of Potassium. 2d, Negative Process (from negative of an Etching) Paper prepared by the Tartrate of Uranic Oxide, and developed by Ferrid-Cyanide of Potassium. Time of Exposure to diffused light, four minutes. 3d, A Portrait from a glass negative. Paper prepared with Nitrate of Uranic Oxide, and developed by Ammonio-nitrate of Silver, fixed by Hyposulphite of Soda. Burnett, Charles John (1820-1907)

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