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The compilation of the database that underlies this publication would not have been possible without the help and constant encouragement of many friends, colleagues, librarians, and archivists. Above all, I would like to thank Susan Bennett, Royal Society of Arts, London; Mark Haworth Booth and Chris Titterington, Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Richard Brown; Robert Elwall, Royal Institute of British Architects, London; Andrew Eskind, International Museum of Photography, Rochester; Roy Flukinger, University of Texas at Austin; Sophie Gordon, Sepia International, London; Iestyn Hughes, National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth; Stephen Joseph; Ken and Jenny Jacobson; Hans P. Kraus, Jr.; Richard Morris; Richard Ovenden, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh; Michael Pritchard, Christie's, London; Pam Roberts, Royal Photographic Society, London; Larry Schaaf; Joan Schwartz, National Archives of Canada, Ottawa; Sara Stevenson and Julie Lawson, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh; and Peter Stubbs.

The following institutions offered generous access to their collections: Central Library, Aberdeen; Aberdeen University Library, Aberdeen; Central Library, Birmingham; National Museum of Photography, Film and Television, Bradford; Central Library, Bristol; Central Library, Cambridge; National Library of Ireland, Dublin; National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh; Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh; Scottish Record Office, Edinburgh; Mitchell Library, Glasgow; University Library, Glasgow; Central Library, Leeds; National Art Library, London; British Library, London; Royal Society of Arts, London; Central Library, Newcastle upon Tyne; Norfolk and Norwich Library, Norwich; Dougan Collection, Princeton University, Princeton; Wiltshire Libraries, Museums, and Archives, Trowbridge; Library, Yeovil.

Finally, my heartfelt thanks to Murray Waddington, Ann Thomas, Lori Pauli, Jim Borcoman, Hazel Mackenzie, Serge Thériault, John Barton, Usher Caplan, and Claire Rochon of the National Gallery of Canada, and the designer Daniel Lohnes, for their tireless efforts in bringing this publication to completion.

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