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Cat.No. Exhibition Exhibit Title Photographer
40 1853, London, Photographic Institution New Houses of Parliament Ferrier, Claude-Marie (1811-1889)
92 1853, London, Photographic Institution Fountain at Versailles Le Secq, Henri (1818-1882)
146 1853, London, Photographic Institution The Quiet Pool Bingham, Robert Jefferson (1825-1870)
147 1853, London, Photographic Institution A Jersey Hut Bingham, Robert Jefferson (1825-1870)
478 1856, Manchester, Photographic Society Sir George Brown and Staff Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
484 1856, Manchester, Photographic Society View from Gen. Bosquet's Quarters, looking towards Inkermann Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
485 1856, Manchester, Photographic Society Cemetery, Cathcart's Hill Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
486 1856, Manchester, Photographic Society Cattle and Carts, Balaklava Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
494 1856, Manchester, Photographic Society British Head-quarters Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
495 1856, Manchester, Photographic Society Railway Sheds and Workshops Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
496 1856, Manchester, Photographic Society Picquet House, Cathcart's Hill Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
503 1856, Manchester, Photographic Society Ruins of Inkermann: Panorama of Inkermann Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
504 1856, Manchester, Photographic Society Quarries and Aqueduct: Panorama of Inkermann Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
369 1857, Birmingham, Photographic Society Two Ways of Life, (Reduced Copy) Rejlander, Oscar Gustav (1813-1875)
383 1857, Birmingham, Photographic Society There he Goes Rejlander, Oscar Gustav (1813-1875)
470.01 1858, London, Photographic Society Small copy of the 'Two Ways of Life' Rejlander, Oscar Gustav (1813-1875)
474 1858, London, Photographic Society Loch Katrine, (Landing Side, Trossachs) Rejlander, Oscar Gustav (1813-1875)
298 1859, London, Photographic Society River Rance, Brittany (collodion sky) Raven, Rev. Thomas Milville
38 1861, London, Photographic Society Copy of Rembrandt's 'Descent from the Cross' Piper, John Dixon
358.01 1863, London, Photographic Society A Frame containing the following Subjects: Ancient House, Ipswich, 12/6. Piper, John Dixon
358.02 1863, London, Photographic Society Lion's Head. Copy of Oil Painting, 12/6. Piper, John Dixon

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