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Cat.No. Exhibition Exhibit Title Photographer
22 1853, London, Photographic Institution Palace of Justice, Rouen Ferrier, Claude-Marie (1811-1889)
52 1853, London, Photographic Institution The Spring Bingham, Robert Jefferson (1825-1870)
90 1853, London, Photographic Institution Rouen Cathedral Ferrier, Claude-Marie (1811-1889)
110 1853, London, Photographic Institution Part of the Forum, Rome Caneva, Giacomo (1813-1865)
118 1853, London, Photographic Institution St. Ouen, at Rouen Ferrier, Claude-Marie (1811-1889)
151 1853, London, Photographic Institution Courtyard of the Louvre Martens, Frédéric (1809?-1875)
157 1853, London, Photographic Institution Statue and Fountain L. de V., Viscomte
166 1853, London, Photographic Institution Cathedral of [name not listed] Ferrier, Claude-Marie (1811-1889)
169 1853, London, Photographic Institution Ivy Bridge, Devonshire Owen, Hugh (1804-1881)
210 1853, London, Photographic Institution Monastery at Kief Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
480 1856, Manchester, Photographic Society General Barnard and Staff Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
481 1856, Manchester, Photographic Society General Bosquet and Staff Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
502 1856, Manchester, Photographic Society Valley of the Tchernaya: Panorama of Inkermann Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
524 1856, Manchester, Photographic Society Le Puy Baldus, Édouard (1813-1889)
525 1856, Manchester, Photographic Society Chateau de Polignac Baldus, Édouard (1813-1889)
526 1856, Manchester, Photographic Society Place de Carrousal Baldus, Édouard (1813-1889)
527 1856, Manchester, Photographic Society Cloisters at Nismes Baldus, Édouard (1813-1889)
529 1856, Manchester, Photographic Society Cheaumieres, Murolle Baldus, Édouard (1813-1889)
530 1856, Manchester, Photographic Society Bibliothèque Imperiale du Louvre Baldus, Édouard (1813-1889)
531 1856, Manchester, Photographic Society Swiss Cottage Baldus, Édouard (1813-1889)
532 1856, Manchester, Photographic Society Les Invalides, Paris Baldus, Édouard (1813-1889)
177 1857, Birmingham, Photographic Society Calvary Bilordeaux, Charles Adolphe (1807-@f105)
181 1857, Birmingham, Photographic Society Shield, presented to Louis Napoleon Bilordeaux, Charles Adolphe (1807-@f111)
259 1857, Birmingham, Photographic Society The Crucifixion - copy Bisson frères
341 1857, Birmingham, Photographic Society Archdeacon Hoare Not Listed
343 1857, Birmingham, Photographic Society Apollo Not Listed
344 1857, Birmingham, Photographic Society Dejeuner Not Listed
21 1858, London, Photographic Society Bembridge, Isle of Wight, after Copley Fielding Caldesi & Montecchi
22 1858, London, Photographic Society The Abandoned, after C. Stanfield, Esq., R.A. Caldesi & Montecchi
23 1858, London, Photographic Society Una and the Wood Nymphs, after W.E. Frost, A.R.A. Caldesi & Montecchi
31 1858, London, Photographic Society Tyndal translating the Bible, after A. Johnstone Caldesi & Montecchi
39* 1858, London, Photographic Society Halt on the Fells, after T. S. Cooper, A.R.A. Caldesi & Montecchi
40 1858, London, Photographic Society Loch Awe, after M'Cullock, R.S.A. Caldesi & Montecchi
41 1858, London, Photographic Society Dort, after Clarkson Stanfield, R.A. Caldesi & Montecchi
42 1858, London, Photographic Society The Dawn of Christianity, after Pickersgill, A.R.A. Caldesi & Montecchi
51 1858, London, Photographic Society Dante and Beatrice, after Ary Scheffer Caldesi & Montecchi
61 1858, London, Photographic Society Battle of Roveredo, after C. Stanfield, R.A. Caldesi & Montecchi
68 1858, London, Photographic Society Donegal Bay, after C. Bentley Caldesi & Montecchi
373 1858, London, Photographic Society A Photograph of the Bridesmaids to the Princess Royal. Dedicated by Permission to Her Majesty. Caldesi & Montecchi
73 1859, Glasgow, Photographic Society Weston, and the Little Philosopher Rejlander, Oscar Gustav (1813-1875)
165 1859, Glasgow, Photographic Society Herodiade Bingham, Robert Jefferson (1825-1870)
434 1859, Glasgow, Photographic Society Study for the Madonna Del Sisto, after Raphael Rejlander, Oscar Gustav (1813-1875)
604 1859, Glasgow, Photographic Society Marie Antoinette Bingham, Robert Jefferson (1825-1870)
652 1859, Glasgow, Photographic Society Pasha and Dancing Girl Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
132 1859, London, Photographic Society Marie Antoinette, after Paul de la Roche Bingham, Robert Jefferson (1825-1870)
144 1859, London, Photographic Society Herodiade, after Paul de la Roche Bingham, Robert Jefferson (1825-1870)
633 1859, London, Photographic Society Mer de Glace Bisson frères
25 1860, London, Photographic Society Stonyhurst College Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
128 1860, London, Photographic Society Salmon Pool at the Sale Wheel, River Ribble Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
129 1860, London, Photographic Society The Hodder, View from Lancashire into Yorkshire Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
130 1860, London, Photographic Society The Reed Deep, River Ribble Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
131 1860, London, Photographic Society Mill at Hurst Green Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
133 1860, London, Photographic Society Wadham College, Oxford Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
134 1860, London, Photographic Society The Keeper's Rest, Ribbleside Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
135 1860, London, Photographic Society Spoils of Wood and Stream Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
136 1860, London, Photographic Society View up the Hodder from the New Bridge Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
139 1860, London, Photographic Society The Sale Wheel, River Ribble, Gravel Carting Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
140 1860, London, Photographic Society Valley of the Ribble, and Pendle Hill Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
141 1860, London, Photographic Society Hodder Old Bridge Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
142 1860, London, Photographic Society Cottages at Hurst Green Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
156 1860, London, Photographic Society The Throughs Ferry, River Ribble Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
195 1860, London, Photographic Society Copy of Picture, L'Allegro, by W. E. Frost, A.R.A. Caldesi, Blandford & Co.
197 1860, London, Photographic Society Copy of a Picture, The Sirens, by W. E. Frost, A.R.A. Caldesi, Blandford & Co.
295 1860, London, Photographic Society Magdalen Tower, Oxford Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
711 1863, London, Photographic Society Châlet of Etigny, Luchon. Hon. Men. Mailand, Ange Eugene Henry (1807-1872@f117)
713 1863, London, Photographic Society Study of Rocks, Valley of Aran. Hon. Men. Mailand, Ange Eugene Henry (1807-1872@f120)
715 1863, London, Photographic Society View, Department of the Isère. Prize Medal, 12/- Muzet, V.
718 1863, London, Photographic Society Steel Plates engraved for Printing, by Charles Negre's Heliographic Process. Prize Medal Nègre, Charles (1820-1880)
719 1863, London, Photographic Society Views on the Banks of the Marne. Hon. Men. Jouet, Eugene
720 1863, London, Photographic Society Village of Montaubon, Luchon. Hon. Men. Mailand, Ange Eugene Henry (1807-1872?)
756-757 1863, London, Photographic Society Two Views near the Isère. Prize Medal Muzet, V.
758 1863, London, Photographic Society Mill Bridge at Breuil. Isère. Hon. Men. Mailand, Ange Eugene Henry (1807-1872@f132)
760 1863, London, Photographic Society Fountain of the Three Graces, Montpellier. Hon. Men. Mailand, Ange Eugene Henry (1807-1872@f135)
762 1863, London, Photographic Society Chalet at Luchon, Montpellier. Hon. Men. Mailand, Ange Eugene Henry (1807-1872@f138)
763 1863, London, Photographic Society Tower of Castle Viel, near Luchon. Hon. Men. Mailand, Ange Eugene Henry (1807-1872@f141)
766 1863, London, Photographic Society Cascade of Lake Seculago, Department of the Isère. Hon. Men. Mailand, Ange Eugene Henry (1807-1872@f144)
768 1863, London, Photographic Society Street in Luchon, Pyrenees. Hon. Men. Prize Medal Mailand, Ange Eugene Henry (1807-1872@f147)

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