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Records created by: Penney, George S.

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Cat.No. Exhibition Exhibit Title Process
119 1858, London, Photographic Society Malmsbury Cross Calotype
123 1858, London, Photographic Society South Porch, Malmsbury Abbey Calotype
384 1860, London, Photographic Society Stereoscopic Pictures Oxymel
420 1860, London, Photographic Society Stereoscopic Pictures Oxymel
192 1861, London, Photographic Society Pitville Lake, Cheltenham Malt Process
302 1862, London, International Exhibition Illustrations of various preservative processes. Not Listed
461.01 1862, London, International Exhibition Water Street, Gloucester. Tannin and Malt
461.02 1862, London, International Exhibition Gloucester Cathedral. Tannin and Malt
162 1863, London, Photographic Society Four Prints of the same subject, illustrating the effect of Fuming with Antimony Tannin and Malt
170 1863, London, Photographic Society Tintern Abbey Tannin and Malt
362 1863, London, Photographic Society On the Wye, at Chepstow Tannin and Malt
385 1863, London, Photographic Society Three Landscapes Tannin and Malt
85 1865, Dublin, International Exhibition Four photographic landscapes, by the tannin and malt preservative process. Not Listed
138 1865, Dublin, International Exhibition Photographs by the tannin and malt process, one frame. Not Listed

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