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Cat.No. Exhibition Exhibit Title Process
699 1863, London, Photographic Society The Alhambra. From a negative taken by M. Bertsch's Automatic Camera, and enlarged by his Improved Megascope or Solar Camera. Prize Medal. Albumen
455 1855, London, Photographic Society Copy after Giradon Collodion
461 1855, London, Photographic Society Copied from the Print by Raphael Morghem, after Leonardo da Vinci Collodion
497 1855, London, Photographic Society Copy after Prudhon, rising of Aurora Collodion
714 1858, London, Photographic Society Un Cadre contenant diverses reproduction d'objets microscopiques. (Voir les détails sur la note placée au bas du cadre.) Collodion
698.01 1863, London, Photographic Society No. 1. Baptistery, Palace of Fontainebleau. Prize Medal. Collodion
698.02 1863, London, Photographic Society No. 2. Hotel de Ville, Paris. Enlarged by his Improved Megascope from Negatives taken by his Automatic Camera Collodion
803 1863, London, Photographic Society The Oldest Oak, Forest of Fontainbleau. Enlarged by the Exhibitor's Improved Megascope. Prize Medal Collodion
804 1863, London, Photographic Society Frame of Microscopic Subjects magnified and photographed by M. Bertsch's Improved Apparatus Collodion

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