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Cat.No. Exhibition Exhibit Title Process
220.01, v 1, Class 10, United Kingdom 1851, London, Great Exhibition Daguerreotype Apparatus consisting of an adjusting back camera, with compound achromatic lens, an improved bromine and iodine box, with contrivance for transferring the prepared plate to the frame of the camera, mercury box, plate-box, chemical-chest, buffs, plate-holders, gilding stand, tripod, &c. The parts of the apparatus are so arranged that the process may be entirely performed in the light without the necessity of a dark room. [Extracted from longer entry] Not Listed
220.02, v 1, Class 10, United Kingdom 1851, London, Great Exhibition Registered portable folding calotype camera, with achromatic lenses, for portraits and views &c. Not Listed
220.03, v 1, Class 10, United Kingdom 1851, London, Great Exhibition Improved reversing frame, for producing positive pictures from calotype negatives and other photogenic processes. Not Listed
694 1853, Dublin, International Exhibition Daguerreotype apparatus, with improved bromine apparatus for preparing plates. Portable folding camera and compound achromatic lens, with apparatus for the calotype and Collodion process. Portraits, &c., produced by the Collodion process. Medical galvanic apparatus, and instruments for administering galvanism. Not Listed

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