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1865, Dublin, International Exhibition

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List of 175 exhibits from the catalogue for this exhibition.

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Cat.No Exhibit Title Photographer Process
1 Enlarged Photograph, finished in oil colours; enlarged photograph on artists' canvas, ready for painting (untouched); photographs, portraits, cartes-de-visite, vignettes, &c. North, T. Not Listed
2 Photographs, plain and coloured. Chancellor, J. Not Listed
3 Photographs taken with the magnesium light. Brothers, Alfred (1826-1912) Not Listed
4 Three frames of enlarged photographs; two ditto of cartes-de-visite; four ditto studies from life; passe-partout. Beau, Adolf Not Listed
5 Specimens of photographic printing by the Wothlytype process, in two frames. Wortley, Colonel Henry Stuart (1832-1890) Not Listed
6 Photographs on paper, ivory, and wood, printed by the Wothlytype process, in six frames. United Association of Photography Ltd Not Listed
7 Portraits and studies. Bedford, Francis (1816-1894) Not Listed
8 Stereoscopic views at Dytchley, Oxon, the seat of Viscount Dillon, and at Ventnor Isle of Wight - the latter instantaneous. Halford, C. A. D. Not Listed
9 Eight photographs views, and six portraits from life. Bailey, W. R. Not Listed
10 Portraits and cartes-de-visite in six frames. Maull & Polyblank Not Listed
11 Portraits enlarged by Solar Camera, and developed by gallic acid; portraits developed by Mr. H. Claudet's instantaneous formic acid process; medallion portraits; frame containing twenty four carte-de-visite portraits. Claudet, Antoine François Jean (1797-1867) Not Listed
12 Specimens of solar Photography; cartes-de-visite. Nelson &. Marshall Not Listed
13 Fifteen untouched photographic portraits; sixteen untouched brooch and locket photographic portraits. Robertson & Co. Not Listed
14 Photographs in three frames. London Stereoscopic & Photographic Company Not Listed
15 Photographs in three frames. Simonton, J. Not Listed
16 Portraits, cartes-de-visite, and views, done with wet collodion. Joubert, Dr. F. Not Listed
17 Twelve Photographs entitled 'Album of the Fete Champetre at Orleans House;' portraits, photographs on enamel by the Lafon Camarsac process. Silvy, Camille (1834-1910) Not Listed
18 Cartes-de-visite and portraits, in six frames. Clarke, W. Not Listed
19 Four photographs in water colours; one frame of plain photographs. Schroeder, G. Not Listed
20 Photographic view &c.; specimens of photographic printing in carbon, and on enamel. Millard & Robinson Not Listed
21 Photographic views of Ireland. Beauford & Bruce Not Listed
22 Coloured portraits. Sergeant, Miss Not Listed
23 Photographic portraits of eminent persons. Mayall, John Jabez Edwin (1810-1901) Not Listed
24 Untouched photographs 'enlarged.' Rolloy Fils Not Listed
25 Portraits, coloured and plain; Siamese cartes. Robinson, James Not Listed
26 Photographs, plain and coloured, by the collodion process. Ross, J. E. Not Listed
27 Photographs coloured in oils. Cranfield, T. Not Listed
28 Busts enlarged to life-size, and finished in water-colour and crayons; portraits; photographs; cartes-de-visite; copies from paintings and engravings. Horsburgh, John (1835-1906) Not Listed
29 Photographs in four frames, consisting of enlarged photographs coloured in oils. Warner, W. H. Not Listed
30 Coloured portraits. Queen's Institute for Training and Employment of Educated Women Not Listed
31 One frame of portraits of officers of the 9th Lancers. Hennah & Kent Not Listed
32 Portraits. Cameron, Julia Margaret Pattle (1815-1879) Not Listed
33 Untouched photographs. Mares, F. Not Listed
34 Portraits Johnson & Co. Not Listed
35 Photographic portraits and studies (wet collodion process); cartes-de-visite, in four frames. Cooper, Henry Jr. Not Listed
36 Twenty photographs, in one frame, all from nature. Rejlander, Oscar Gustav (1813-1875) Not Listed
37 Scenery in Scotland; series of snow views, in one frame. Annan, Thomas (1829-1887) Not Listed
38 Photographic portraits, cartes-de-visite, and vignettes, in one frame. Wane, Marshall Not Listed
39 Portraits; wet collodion, double printing; portrait and study, wet collodion. Twyman, J. C. Not Listed
40 Fifty-four photographs. Manchester Photographic Society Not Listed
41 One Frame of 'Diamond cameo' portraits. Window & Bridges Not Listed
42 Cartes-de-visite portraits; large size photographs in oil-colours; diamond cameo portraits Lawrence, J. Not Listed
43 Untouched portraits. McLean & Haes Not Listed
44 Vignetted portraits. Hanson, William Not Listed
45 One frame of portraits, cartes-de-visite, &c., taken by wet collodion process; iron development. Cox, A. W. & H. Not Listed
46 Two portraits on opal glass, by the Simpsontype process; portraits and three landscapes, by Swan's patent carbon process. Mawson & Swan Not Listed
47 Five photographic miniatures, being one portrait of the H.R.H. Prince of Wales, and four portraits of H.R.H. the Princess of Wales, in one case. Lock & Whitfield Not Listed
48 Frame containing twenty untouched cartes-de-visite, by the wet process, iron developed. Turner & Everitt Not Listed
49 Photographs and cartes-de-visite. Robinson, Henry Peach (1830-1901) Not Listed
50 Coloured photograph. Close, A. P. Not Listed
51 Thirty-five statuettes, busts, medallions, &c., by the new process of photosculpture. International Photosculpture Co Ltd Not Listed
52 Six miniatures, Swan's patent process. Casket Portrait Co. Not Listed
53 Thirty newly invented helioaristotypia miniatures, in one case. Helsby & Co. Not Listed
54 Two books of photographs. Schauer, Gustav (1826-1902@f20) Not Listed
55 Book of photographs. La Tour de Marne Not Listed
56 Stereoscopic transparencies, photographed by W. B. Johnson. Johnson, W. B. Not Listed
57 Revolving cartes-de-visite Beau, Adolf Not Listed
58 New secret process of oil varnish, especially adapted for making double copies of engravings. Giovanetti, Leonardo Not Listed
59 Twelve portraits in one frame. Foster, Peter le Neve (1809-1879) Not Listed
60 Missing from Sequence Missing from Sequence
61 Photographs and stereographic views in ten frames. Good, Frank Mason (1839-1928) Not Listed
62 Photographs by the collodion process; twenty five frames. Brownrigg, Thomas Marcus (1823-1901@f23) Not Listed
63 Eighteen photographs. Morgan, John H. Not Listed
64 Groups and landscapes. Jocelyn, Lady Frances Elizabeth (1820-1880) Not Listed
65 Photographs untouched, by the wet collodion process. Warner, W. H. Not Listed
66 Photographic and stereoscopic views - all by the collodio-albumen process. Sanderson, W. D. (1829@f26-1885) Not Listed
67 Untouched portraits, and stereograms of wild animals. McLean & Haes Not Listed
68 Two frames of photographs taken from life, by the collodion process. Ross, J. E. Not Listed
69 Twenty-four photographs, being a set of views near Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, in two frames. Fall, J. W. Not Listed
70 Landscape, portraits, &c., in one frame. Wilson, Sir Thomas Maryon (1800-1869) Not Listed
71 Photographs. Griggs, W. Not Listed
72 Views of English scenery, by the wet collodion process, in two frames. Cox, A. W. & H. Not Listed
73 'Studies from Nature' collodio-albumen process, printed by the Wothlytype process; views of Alhambra, collodio-albumen. Verschoyle, Colonel Not Listed
74 Landscapes, &c., by the wet collodion process, in one frame. Piper, John Dixon Not Listed
75 Frame of stereoscopic pictures, from dry plates of collodio-albumen. Lowe, Edward Joseph (1825-1900) Not Listed
76 Untouched photographs, consisting of cabinet and stereoscopic Landscapes, views of Irish scenery, in seven frames. Mares, F. Not Listed
77 Two frames of photographs from nature. Rejlander, Oscar Gustav (1813-1875) Not Listed
78 Ten photographic views in the Pyrenees; four of them executed by 'Major Russell's tannin process.' Gillis, Thomas Not Listed
79 Seventeen frames of prize pictures. Architectural Photographic Association Not Listed
80 Views in England and Ireland. Wingfield, Honorable L. Not Listed
81 Photographic views of Winter scenes; a road locomotive. Caithness, Earl of [James Sinclair] (1821-1881) Not Listed
82 Photographs from life, 'Good Tidings' and 'Nearing Home.' Bullock Brothers Not Listed
83 Nine frames containing twenty-seven photographs of landscapes, &c. Heath, Robert Vernon (1820-1895) Not Listed
84 Eight views in Killarney, by the wet collodion process. Sedgfield, William Russell (1826-1902) Not Listed
85 Four photographic landscapes, by the tannin and malt preservative process. Penney, George S. Not Listed
86 Twelve frames of prize pictures. London Stereoscopic & Photographic Company Not Listed
87 Eight photographic views. Currey, Francis Edmond (1814-1896) Not Listed
88 Groups, portraits, &c., in four frames. Cameron, Julia Margaret Pattle (1815-1879) Not Listed
89 Twenty photographs from nature. Hemphill, Dr. William Despard Not Listed
90 Untouched photographic views of Irish scenery, by the wet collodion process, with iron development, and pyrogallic intensifier, in eight frames. Haines, H. Not Listed
91 Six photographs by the collodio-albumen process. Wardley, George Not Listed
92 Photographs of microscopic objects, from negatives by Dr. Madox, in three frames. How, J. Not Listed
93 Photographs of the Lancashire Hussars, in two frames. Howie, W. Not Listed
94 Landscapes, Statuary, &c., in six frames. Rouch, W. White (?-1871) Not Listed
95 Photo-micrographs in two frames (taken by artificial light) Abercrombie & Wilson Not Listed
96 Five photographs, in frames. M'Comas, W. Not Listed
97 Views, specimens of photo-printing in carbon and on enamel. Millard & Robinson Not Listed
98 Three frames of views in Devonshire. Johnson & Co. Not Listed
99 Six photographic views taken by the Fothergill dry process. Beasley, Frederick Not Listed
100 Six photographs by the tannin and malt process. Jones, Baynham Jr. (1806-1890) Not Listed
101 Twelve views in the neighbourhood of Castletownsend in three frames. Coghill, Sir Joscelyn J. (1826-1905) Not Listed
102 The Descent from the Cross, a copy of a bas-relief in stone by Josè Bellver; untouched photographby the wet collodion process. Collis, J. Not Listed
103 Twenty four pictures of English landscapes, architecture &c., in six frames. Frith, Francis (1822-1898) Not Listed
104 Photographs in two frames. Hills & Saunders Not Listed
105 Vignetted portraits, and Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire in two frames. Hanson, William Not Listed
106 Twenty photographs in twenty frames. Bedford, Francis (1816-1894) Not Listed
107 Cabinet and stereoscopic photographs of Switzerland and Savoy, taken by the wet collodion process, in four frames. England, William (1816-1896) Not Listed
108 Photographs from Nature, in four frames. Robinson, Henry Peach (1830-1901) Not Listed
109 Ravenscraig Castle, by the wet collodion process. Annan, Thomas (1829-1887) Not Listed
110 Enlarged portraits of dogs, in four frames. Hennah & Kent Not Listed
111 Photographs, in twenty frames, by the collodion-albumen process. Mudd, James (1821-1906) Not Listed
112 Nine photographs by Thurston Thompson, from Turner pictures in the National Gallery; three photographs from Turner pictures, coloured in water colours. Marion, A. Son & Co. Not Listed
113 Instantaneous stereoscopic transparencies on glass, of clouds, waves, moonlight effects &c. Breese, C. S. Not Listed
114 Specimens of enamelling, with enamel collodion, Mawson & Swan Not Listed
115-120 Missing from Sequence Missing from Sequence
121 Four Photographs in frames. Panhard Brothers Not Listed
122 Photographs of flea, magnified; views in three frames. Duvette, A. Not Listed
123 Six photographs. Joubert, Dr. F. Not Listed
124 Seven photographs. Blanchard, Valentine (1831-1901) Not Listed
125 Fifteen photographs. Roussett, J. Not Listed
126 Seven photographs. Thompson, Charles Thurston (1816-1868) Not Listed
127 Photographs from engravings; views from nature. Berenger, Raymond, Marquis de Not Listed
128 Twenty-three photographs from pictures. Albert, Joseph (1825-1886) Not Listed
129 Twenty-eight photographs from pictures. Fierlants, Edmond (1819-1869) Not Listed
130 Two photographs. Korn, W. & Co. Not Listed
131 Two views on the Rhine; one of the cathedral of Cologne. Dommeier & Hauff Not Listed
132 Three coloured photographic views in Venice. Not Listed Not Listed
133 Photographs from design for an altar-piece, by Knabl. Albert, Joseph (1825-1886) Not Listed
134 Photographs from designs for an altar-pieces, by Knabl. Bottger, G. Not Listed
135 Thirty photographs, copies from paintings, in eight frames. Adams, B. Not Listed
136 Photographs of the Canale Cavour, in eleven frames. Vialardi Not Listed
137 Three photographs by the collodio-albumen process. Wardlow, A. H. Not Listed
138 Photographs by the tannin and malt process, one frame. Penney, George S. Not Listed
139 Two photographs, by the wet collodion process. Sedgfield, William Russell (1826-1902) Not Listed
140 Twelve photographs, waxed paper and collodion process. Raven, Rev. Thomas Milville Not Listed
141 Eight photographs in two frames. Bull, J. Not Listed
142 Eight photographs, waxed paper and collodion. Rosse, Mary, Countess of Not Listed
143 Four photographs in one frame. Sanderson, W. D. (1829@f29-1885) Not Listed
144 Five photographs of winners of rifle matches, by the collodion process. Watkins, Herbert Not Listed
145 Ten photographs in frames, from original pictures in the Dresden Gallery. Brockmann, F. & O. Not Listed
146 Ten photographs in frames, from pictures by Murillo, at Seville, and from pictures in the Dresden Gallery. Hanfstaengl, Franz (1804-1877) Not Listed
147 Six photographs in one frame. Ames, Henry St. Vincent Not Listed
148 Fifteen photographs in one frame. Russell, Major (1820-1887) Not Listed
149 Five photographic studies. Hawarden, Lady Clementina Elphinstone (1822-1865) Not Listed
150 Thirteen copies of old inscriptions, by the dry collodion process. Bardi & Cinotti Not Listed
151 Three photographs of microscopic objects, enlarged. Roncalli, Count Antoine Not Listed
152 Ten photographs. Sommer & Behles Not Listed
153 Enlarged photographs. Duroni, Longoni Dell'Acqua Not Listed
154 Four frames of cartes-de-visite. Incorpora, G. Not Listed
155 Panorama of Rome, from Tasso's oak. Petagna, Michele Not Listed
156 Sixteen photographs. Luswergh, Giacomo (1819-1891) Not Listed
157 Four photographs. Tanmot, L. Not Listed
158 Eight photographs. Curenius & Quist Not Listed
159 Sixteen photographic landscapes in the Pyrenees, wet collodion - phosphate of soda. Lyte, Farnham Maxwell (1828-1906) Not Listed
160 Nine photographs in landscapes, collodion process. Brown Not Listed
161 Photographs from paper negatives. Smith, John Shaw (1811-1873) Not Listed
162 Photographs in albums of mediaeval clerical robes. Austrian Museum of Industry Not Listed
163 Seven photographs of pictures, executed by the albumen process, without enlargement; two views of railway stations; three maps. Chiapella, Francesco-Maria Not Listed
164 Photographs in seven frames. Tuminello, Ludovico (1824-1907) Not Listed
165 Seventeen photographs of the railway of Lombardy. Deroche & Heyland Not Listed
166 Twenty-one photographic views of the railways of Central Italy. Galli, O. Not Listed
167 Eight photographs. Villa, Ignazio Not Listed
168 Albums of photographs. Petagna, Michele Not Listed
169 Volumes of photographs. Olivieri, L. Not Listed
170 Album of 44 historical photographs. Livernois, Jules B. (1830-1865) Not Listed
171 Album of 12 photographs. Notman, William (1826-1891) Not Listed
172 A collection of photographs. Board of Works, Canada Not Listed
173 Photographs. Ellison & Co. Not Listed
174 23 photographs of Canadian scenery. Henderson, Alexander (1831-1913) Not Listed
175 46 photographs in three frames. Hollingsworth, M. Not Listed
176 8 photographs. Committee of Eastern Townships, Canada Not Listed
177 Enlarged coloured photograph of a Squaw. Chambers Not Listed
178 Photograph of a Squaw. O'Donnell Not Listed
179 Two enlarged photographic portraits. Parish Not Listed
180 Photography applied to numismatics. Verguet, L'Abbé de Not Listed

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