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1853, Dublin, International Exhibition

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List of 14 exhibits from the catalogue for this exhibition.

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Cat.No Exhibit Title Photographer Process
643 Stereoscopes of various forms, with diagrams and proofs; cameras for the calotype, daguerreotype and collodion processes; various specimens of photography on paper and on glass. [Extracted from longer entry] Robinson, James Not Listed
647 Views of the Great Exhibition of 1851, and other specimens of daguerreotype. Mayall, John Jabez Edwin (1810-1901) Not Listed
653 Lenses with accelerators; Photographs. Beaufort, Robert Not Listed
670 Photographs taken by the Collodion Process Delamotte, Philip Henry (1821-1889) Not Listed
671 Portable photographic camera, intended for glass plates, or daguerreotype process. [Extracted from longer entry] Dillon, Thomas Arthur Not Listed
678 Photographic Pictures Geary Brothers Not Listed
679 Machine for polishing daguerreotype plates; photographic specimens; stand camera; apparatus for communicating between guards and engine-drivers of railway trains, house bells, and knocker; regulator for electric light. Gluckman, Professor Leon Not Listed
684 Case of achromatic object glasses for telescopes and photographic purposes. [Extracted from longer entry] Grubb, Thomas (1800-1878) Not Listed
694 Daguerreotype apparatus, with improved bromine apparatus for preparing plates. Portable folding camera and compound achromatic lens, with apparatus for the calotype and Collodion process. Portraits, &c., produced by the Collodion process. Medical galvanic apparatus, and instruments for administering galvanism. Horne, Thornthwaite & Wood Not Listed
720 Daguerreotypes of public characters; and view of General Post Office, Dublin. Pinkey, Joseph H. Not Listed
733 Specimens of Photography. Specimens of textile fabrics, rendered fire-proof by Smith's new chemical process. Smith, R. Not Listed
736 Photographs Tenison, Edward King (1805-1878) Not Listed
738 Photographs. Thompson, Charles Thurston (1816-1868) Not Listed
741 Specimens of Talbotype drawings. Wells, Capt. G. G. Not Listed

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