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1851, London, Great Exhibition, ordered by PROCESS

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Exhibition: 1851, London, Great Exhibition More from this exhibition >
Exhibit number: 296.15, v 1, Class 10, United Kingdom  

Photographer: Claudet, Antoine François Jean (1797-1867) More by this photographer >
Full title: Photogenic paradox, showing that what is light for the eyes is darkness for the photogenic action a frame containing, on one half, the portrait of the Queen, covered with yellow glass, and on the other half the portrait of Prince Albert, covered with deep blue glass, being represented on a daguerreotype plate. The result is that the yellow glass, although showing clearly to the eyes the picture of Her Majesty, has prevented the photogenic action, and that the deep blue glass, although completely hiding the portrait of Prince Albert, the photogenic rays reflected by his picture through the blue glass have had the same action on the daguerreotype as if the engraving had been covered with transparent glass, or with no glass at all. This experiment proves why when light appears yellow on account of vapours existing in the atmosphere, the photogenic action is always so feeble and altogether impeded.
Process: Not Listed   [Daguerreotype] More by this process >

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Exhibitor: Claudet, Antoine François Jean  

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