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1851, London, Great Exhibition, ordered by PROCESS

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Exhibition: 1851, London, Great Exhibition More from this exhibition >
Exhibit number: 296.01, v 1, Class 10, United Kingdom  

Photographer: Claudet, Antoine François Jean (1797-1867) More by this photographer >
Full title: Multiplying Camera Obscura to represent on the same surface a number of different pictures, or the same in various aspects, the portraits of several persons, &c. The novelty consists in moving the prepared plate by means of racks and pinions in a vertical and horizontal direction, thus making several parts of the surface pass alternately before an opening placed at the focus of the lens. A sculptor being supplied with seven different aspects of the features of the same person, is enabled, without seeing that person, to make a perfect bust or model. [Extracted from longer entry]
Process: Not Listed   [Apparatus] More by this process >

Original price:  
Exhibitor: Claudet, Antoine François Jean  

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